What questions should I ask when finding a psychic or medium?


What questions do you ask when finding a Psychic or Spiritual Medium?

Check out their web site and bio to get a feel for the person, and then follow your intuition. Consider making a phone call to speak to them directly and ask questions. Within one minute, I know if I am resonating with someone’s style or philosophy. Better than emails or texting, you can gather a lot of information by just one-minute phone call.  Your own intuition is your best defense against someone who not qualified or gelling with you.

First you want to know that they are a qualified, so you may ask, "What are your certifications?" 
Anyone can call himself or herself a psychic, but a certification means they have honed their craft. If they have many certifications or modalities, it suggests they are continually going to the next level with their gifts. Or, they may say, I have always had this gift – which is also good. If at any time you do not feel you are resonating or get a bad feeling, stop the session or ask questions to clarify what you are being told.

How did you become a psychic?  Have you always had this gift?
This will tell you a lot about that person. Most have always had the gift, had an event that awakened their gift, or their lineages have had the gift. With me, my near-death experience reawakened a gift I always had. I also have healers on both sides of my family – western doctors on my paternal side, and intuitives on my mother’s. When asked how long I have been a healer, I usually reply, "for lifetimes."

Do you work in/with Divine Light?
Psychic sessions, if channeled from the Light, will always be encouraging and love-based. They will not be fear based. Dabbling in the dark arts can open up a whole can of worms. Also, if a psychic is not "clean" in their channeling, they will project their own stuff and issues onto you, which is very detrimental. If you feel someone is projecting their issues instead of "reading you," stop the session or ask questions to clarify your discomfort.

Do you read cards or channel?
Anyone can learn to read cards, but if they are channeling in addition to the information gathered on the cards, that is ok; they're using them as a vehicle to connect to Divine Spirit or start the session.

What other services do you offer?
If someone is improving their craft, they will always be learning new modalities and sharpening their skills.

What does a psychic session look like?
If a person is only able to do sessions in person, they may be reading your reactions and body language, more than your Divine guides. I love doing sessions over the phone; about 70 percent of my business is long distance. Energy is energy – whether you are in front of me or not. It’s like prayer ... you can pray for a loved one sitting next to you or overseas, and they receive the love just the same.  The client’s preference and location determines in person or over the phone.

Bring your intentions into the session, whether they are voiced or not. 
I always ask what clients’ intentions are because I want them to be involved and get the most out of the session. Near the end of the session, I also clarify they received what they wanted out of the session and ask if there are any additional questions.

Most importantly, as with anything, trust your intuition! 
Cover yourself in Divine Light and ask your Divine Guides or Creator to help you find the best psychic or medium for your highest and best.



Annie Macdonald, M.S.

During a near-death experience, I was initiated into the world of Experiencing and Channeling Divine Consciousness. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medium and Psychic Intuitive, I work with the Universal Light to help, empower, and heal in body, mind and soul. All readings and healings are available in person or over the phone/FaceTime.

Not all psychics are mediums, let alone healers. I combine all three gifts to bring you back to center, balance, and health by channeling Divine and your Guardians of Light’s higher perspective and healing. We shine light on what is getting in the way, provide a plan of action, and release any spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical blocks which keep you from your Highest and Best Self and Destiny.

After building and running businesses for 20 years, I received my Masters in Leadership Management at the University of LaVerne, CA, and then traveled to Peru where I studied Shamanic Medicine and was placed firmly on my path as an Energy Healer and Psychic Intuitive. The next part of my journey was to become a Reiki Master, certified as a ThetaHealing Practitioner and Medium. Readings, Healing Sessions and Business Consulting combine my business acumen, life experience and 17 years of Spiritual Training for the highest and best for each client.