My Near Death Experience


Many people ask how my gift of tapping into and healing through Divine Source started; it was through a near-death experience (NDE). Even though this experience arose from a traumatic event, during the NDE I was exposed to a divine love and world I had never known, let alone believed in. 

I was given the choice to come back, become a healer, share a message, and actively teach it. Or stay.

That moment and 17 years of study in the healing and esoteric arts, allow me to tap into a realm we don't have the chance to see in our everyday lives. The experience showed me that a higher love and Spirit exists and that all paths lead to the summit.

With choice, we can live our birthright of loving and being loved and be happy. All it takes is a little faith, a little effort. Challenging times happen, but Divine help is ALWAYS available to lead to your epically incredible days. This is life. This is spiritual growth.

Healings and readings from Divine Spirit, channeled through Annie, bring higher understanding and help. They heighten and confirm our intuition and trust that everything will be All Right! Sessions realign you to your path and empowerment by tapping into Source to help navigate your Earth Walk with more joy, grace, ease, and love. 

In these challenging times, we could all use divine encouragement and possibility that we are powerful beyond all measure and worthy of loving and being loved.

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Annie Macdonald, M.S.

During a near-death experience, I was initiated into the world of Experiencing and Channeling Divine Consciousness. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medium and Psychic Intuitive, I work with the Universal Light to help, empower, and heal in body, mind and soul. All readings and healings are available in person or over the phone/FaceTime.

Not all psychics are mediums, let alone healers. I combine all three gifts to bring you back to center, balance, and health by channeling Divine and your Guardians of Light’s higher perspective and healing. We shine light on what is getting in the way, provide a plan of action, and release any spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical blocks which keep you from your Highest and Best Self and Destiny.

After building and running businesses for 20 years, I received my Masters in Leadership Management at the University of LaVerne, CA, and then traveled to Peru where I studied Shamanic Medicine and was placed firmly on my path as an Energy Healer and Psychic Intuitive. The next part of my journey was to become a Reiki Master, certified as a ThetaHealing Practitioner and Medium. Readings, Healing Sessions and Business Consulting combine my business acumen, life experience and 17 years of Spiritual Training for the highest and best for each client.