In the earlier decades of my career, I used my Masters in Leadership Management degree to build and run successful businesses. I then pursued my life as a healer and started my own healing practice. But the two "careers" aren't fully distinct: in fact, a blend of spiritual intuition and strategic business chops has positioned me well to help people work smarter, not harder, on their path to success.

My business consulting accesses not only my experiential and academic learnings, but also my Divine Light Channeling gifts by tapping into the Universal blueprint to obtain business wisdom from the higher perspective. Business is just a structured way for energy to flow, and you can align your business or vocation to work with and for your life, rather than the other way around. 

My business clients come looking for business or strategic planning guidance, or for affirmation regarding existing or future plans. They have questions on how to transition in or out of a business, or how take their current business to the next level based on their values, priorities, gifts, passions, and purpose.  

Sessions are weekly for seven weeks, and we'll address aspects of the business model and your energy to create balance and health, professionally and personally.   $120/hr

What We'll Create

  • Your Ideal Customer Profile

  • Business and Marketing Plans

  • Multi-Year Strategic Plans

  • Or whatever is needed to fulfill your hopes dreams and desires...

How it Works

Private sessions are tailored to the intentions and needs of each client. Team-building or personality profiling is available for groups. Sessions are all conducted from Divine Consciousness, help and wisdom, which allows creativity and new ways of thinking to flow easily.  

Sessions flow according to where your Guardians take it, but usually first, your goals or opportunities for growth are identified for each session. The core of the problem is then addressed and discussed from the spiritual and human perspective. You are given information needed to rectify the situation, and you'll receive homework to help you make that into a reality with as much  grace and ease as possible in the physical realm.

We'll answer questions like the following to complete your strategic plan. 

  • How can you bring soul into alignment with your life and organization?

  • Where are you now?

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What makes your heart sing in your business?

  • How can you work smarter not harder?