The First, Second, and Master’s Degree Reiki classes provide a structured groundwork for the “Usui System of Natural Healing” and includes the attunements, or energy activations needed to channel the Reiki energy for the rest of your life. I also teach how to tap into, trust, and heighten your intuition and channeling abilities in all my classes.

Reiki I teaches the history of Reiki, practical applications for Reiki and Energy Medicine, hand placements for the whole body, which can be used on oneself and others and includes an attunement. The first initiation marks a time of great transformation in your life and energetic gifts. 

The Second Degree of Reiki is an advanced level of Reiki. Additional attunements are given along with methods of amplifying the flow of energy. In Reiki II classes, students learn how to provide distance healing and how to access and work with mental, spiritual, and emotional levels of causation. This advanced degree amplifies the power of your healings and Reiki knowledge.

The Third Degree of Reiki Class takes you to the Master/Teacher level. (Master means teacher in Eastern Philosophy.) At this level, the candidate has already accumulated a vast amount of experience in the application of first and second degree Reiki. The individual is given a personal symbol, esoteric traditions and rituals that allow one to practice, pass on and teach the Usui Reiki attunements. The Third Degree of Reiki not only allows one to practice Reiki, but to pass on the Reiki attunements and traditions. In the Master’s Class, I also cover the business side of starting your own Reiki Practice.

  • All Three Degree Classes include How to Channel Divine Light and Reawaken your intuitive and healing gifts.

  • Students also receive a Reiki or ThetaHealing for each level.

  • Reiki Classes are tailored to meet the specific needs or intentions of each student or class.

  • The Three Degrees of Reiki Classes are available in person or over the phone, or FaceTime.

  • Schedule online as a session. Most classes are divided into three sessions of two hours each, $150/hr.

On completion of coursework and classes, students receive their Reiki Attunement and Certificate of Completion. Call Annie, 435 962-2663 or email, if you have more questions or would like to do the class in 1 day or 2 sessions.