When you re-remember how to channel, you'll find that the ability comes from reawakening, remembering, and owning your Intuitive Gifts and Authentic Power. This spiritual channeling class teaches how to tap into Divine Light, All That Is, and access your inner and outer Divinity.

Divine Spirit wants you to develop (or re-remember) the ability to receive their love and guidance with Grace and Ease; thus, living a life of Love and Happiness. We are Spirit in physical form, so we speak Spirit - it is our first language and your inner GPS, heart’s truth, and path. This class reaches each student where they are and scheduled in their blueprint to be. By re-awakening your intuitive superpower, students learns to co-create and listen to their inner and outer Divinity. When present and balanced, we are able to notice and acknowledge the speed bumps and guardrails so you won’t have to fall off the cliff every time to achieve your spiritual growth.

It is our birthright to love and be loved and be happy. Divine wants that for you! If you are willing to show up and do the work, your Divine Posse will do everything to support that birthright!  That is their goal and their purpose, to help us on this Earth Walk with unconditional love, protection, and healing.

Imagine what would happen if you actively co-created with Divinity’s rhythm and asked for Divinity’s Grace on your path up to your summit. Here is a crazy thought, “What if you could actually receive and revel in your authentic self, truth, and gifts?  This class helps you to do that and so much more.  

  • Channeling Classes are available in person or over the phone/FaceTime.

  • Each class is tailored to the students specific gifts, intentions, and purpose. Divine starts with where you already trust your intuition and Divine Guidance and we build from there.

  • Call Annie, 435 962-2663 or email askanniemac@gmail.com, to schedule a class or discuss your Class's intentions or questions

Read Annie’s Book, Everything Will Be All Right, Everything Will Be All Right, Spirituality 101, it is a channeling class on your own time and pace!

Also, each exercise in the Blog section develops your intuition, channeling abilities, and ability to be powerful beyond all measure.