I'm Annie, and that’s Lao Tzu, my pup. I'm a Spiritual Advisor and Healer, Certified: Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer, Medical Intuitive, Pet Psychic, Channeling Teacher and Business Consultant in Park City and Heber City, Utah. Although much of my business is conducted over the phone or via FaceTime, I love my office visits with clients visiting Park City or living in Utah.

Where it All Started
I built and ran businesses for 20 years and received my Masters in Leadership Management at the University of LaVerne, California. My journey as a healer began with a near-death experience; I was initiated into the world of higher spiritual experience and healing. This event ultimately inspired me to leave the “corporate world,” and I traveled to Peru to learn shamanic energy medicine. The next steps on my path were to become certified as a Reiki Master and ThetaHealing Practitioner, Psychic & Medical Intuitive and Medium.

In 2007, I began my own energy healing, business consulting, and teaching practice in Park City, Utah.  I offer psychic intuitive and medium readings and classes, home or office energy clearings, Reiki, and ThetaHealings that combine all of my skills to channel Divine Light for the highest and best good of every person I work with. I also conduct private classes and sessions to increase your intuitive and psychic abilities and teach how to navigate this world as a highly sensitive person with grace and ease. 

Healing And Guidance Go Such a Long Way
I've now professionally been a channel for Divine Light energy readings and healings for over 17 years, but have been a healer all my life. Clients are able to ask and heal in all areas of their life, personally, romantically, spiritually, and professionally during sessions.  All I (and Spirit) ask is that you show up and be willing to do the work to create transformational change because healing is a co-creative process.

 I combine my experience in business and leadership with Divine Channeling to guide people into business strategies that align with the highest good of their mind, body, and spirit.  Whether clients are starting a new business, taking their business to the next level, or diversifying, we combine the client’s vision, purpose, and gifts to create a vocation in alignment with their passions and priorities.  

As a Reiki Master I love to teach Reiki IReiki II, and a Reiki Master class. Classes tap into your own power as a healer and intuitive. I also specialize in helping highly sensitive children, otherwise known as Rainbow, Indigo, or Crystal children. If you're a parent of one of these beautiful children, I offer classes and sessions for you and your children to help them navigate their world with more ease and grace.

Paying it Forward

As part of my business plan, I tithe 10% of my earnings to pay forward all the blessings I have received in this beautiful life. Part of that tithing includes being of service as a conduit of God's Light to allow Mother Nature and humanity to heal and to help souls to pass into the Light and return home. It is one of my favorite ways I act as a conduit of God's Light and Healing and As a light worker. 

I have been called on by Spirit to cleanse, clear, and heal the killing fields of Cambodia, places of Native American massacres, land that has been desecrated, mining accidents, places of mass shootings, trauma, or genocide, and helping to release souls into the Light. I am thankful, honored, and humbled to provide this and all Spiritual Advising and Healing services of Divine Love.