The key to parenting Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow children, or the truly sensitive and gifted in "sight" souls on this world, is learning to speak their language. This class is for parents and the children themselves. For parents, we need to learn to reach these special souls where they are, instead of where we want them to be. Like all humans they are either in conscious, loving expression of loving and being loved, or unconscious expression – anger, PTSD, "checking out" through games, vices, numbing or negative behavior in expression.

Crystals, a generic term for Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children of all ages, are so sensitive that they can feel other people’s pain or energy. They are truly affected/merged in other’s energy fields if they do not have the tools of protection or awareness of how to use this gift to work smarter, not harder.

Tools and learning how to engage Divine Light help these souls to stop the negative noise and come back to breath, to balance, to love. We are constantly bombarded with technology, negativity, trauma, gossip, etc. and being sensitive beings, that affects us energetically.  Protecting yourself with Divine Light, like a force field against negative or toxic energies, helps and protects you on your path with higher consciousness information and love to help you have way more fun on this Earth Walk. You and your loved ones will both learn a great deal from these classes. 

Crystal Children Sessions

3  1-Hour Sessions - $333     Includes, readings, healings & teachings.

Crystal sessions teach crystal children to navigate this Earth Walk as highly intuitive and sensitive Beings with more Love, Ease and Confidence. Simple, yet powerful tools and exercises are given to help these highly sensitive souls embrace and empower their gifts, yet stay grounded and protected on this Earth Walk.