People visit me (in person or on the phone) for spiritual intuitive readings for many reasons. Perhaps you need guidance or higher perspective in your personal life, love life, family, health, destiny, or in a job-related situation. Or perhaps you’re eager to learn about past lives, communicate with loved ones who have passed, learn about or how to communicate with your divine guides or totem animals. Maybe a healing is needed or you are simply look for ways to develop your gifts and intuitive talents.

From the beautiful mountains in Park City and Heber City, Utah, I and Divine help to bring clarity, healing, happiness, love, and grace to your life. Through the divine spirit, readings heal with higher perspective, bringing empowerment, hope, your heart’s truth, and love.  

How A Spiritual Intuitive Reading Works
As a Psychic Intuitive, Medium or channeler of Light, I am reading your heart or blueprint for this lifetime and past lifetimes—getting to the core of what is affecting you or your ability to realize your goals, hopes, dreams, and desires right now. I am a conduit of Divine here to help and bring healing so you can realize your dreams and possibilities. Healing is a co-creative process and I ask that you are open to receiving higher help and information; whether that is planting a seed of hope, knowing you are worthy, or creating the roadmap to your magical mystery tour. I am not here to 'fix you' or your life, that is your job, but I would love to help, heal and bring more Grace and Ease to your process.

Divine Spirit always guides, with unconditional love, reaches you where you are and helps provide the healing, tools, and plan of action to get you where you want to be. We’ll “read” your divine purpose and lessons you’re here to accomplish on this Earth Walk—and will provide you with the road map to get there with grace, ease, and a lot more fun along the way.

Medium readings are channeled from God, your Guardians of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels, and loved ones on the other side. They bring a sense of peace, clarity and knowingness that everything will be all right. And they’ll give you vital insights on how to release the past and that which does not serve you, and then move forward in divine grace and empowerment. As well as contacting your loved ones on the other side and giving you their messages of love and higher understanding, I also teach how to better understand their messages of love and communicate with them in a way that you will more easily understand.

Psychic Readings For Pets
Our four-legged family members are so near and dear to our hearts that when they're suffering from a problem, we suffer too. Fortunately, psychic readings work for pets just like they do for us. If you're concerned about odd behaviors, fears, anxieties, or other pet-related issues, we can channel divine intuition to uncover the root issue. You can either bring your pet in or schedule a phone or FaceTime appointment if you're remote or your pet doesn't travel well. 

Time to Make it Happen? Perfect.
If you’re near by, you may want to come to my beautiful and calming office just outside Park City in Heber City, Utah. But we can also visit via phone calls or FaceTime—whatever feels best for you. Don’t worry if you can’t make the journey in person; most of my appointments are over the phone, and it makes no difference in my channeling and connecting abilities if you are on the phone or sitting across from me.

Services are $150 an hour and you can call/text me at 435-962-2663 if you have any questions, or email To book online, click on the top banner on my home page or on the Book Now buttons throughout my website.