Energetic land, home and office space clearings release negative energies in your physical and spiritual environments. Spaces hold energy just like we do, and past negative/stagnant energies need to be periodically cleared out to allow for new beginnings or growth. Energetic space clearings remove unwanted entities or energies occupying your space, and send them into the Light. Clearings are beneficial when buying or selling a home, moving into a new apartment or office, or if you have been experiencing energy that is not yours or not beneficial to your highest and best self. Clearings cleanse and release negative energy to make way for your highest and best self and intentions.

Buildings and the land hold the energy or trauma of those who inhabited the space before, so to clear both provides an amazing opportunity for healing, prosperity, and happiness for the current (and past) guardians of the space. For example, if there has been an Indian massacre, a mining accident, traumatic deaths or epidemics, souls which have not gone to the light, will affect the current inhabitants. Clearings heal at the core of the initial problem, so the current inhabitants and space are cleansed and any souls which have not passed over are able to go the light.

I prefer to do the clearings in person, so the current guardians of space can learn the process and experience the magic; however, it is just as effective to do a clearing long distance or over the phone. Space clearings are a beautiful process with sage, feathers, the ancestors, and your hopes, dreams, and desires bringing about lightness and healing in heart and home.

I work in co-creation with the client and Divine Source to cleanse energy fields and release negative energies or entities into the Creator’s Light. It is a beautiful gift for the client and those that have not yet been able to pass into the Light to finally go home to Unconditional Love and Healing. We've achieved tremendous results with hauntings, places that have held trauma or death, realtors and developers looking to sell stagnant properties, or just energetically spring cleaning your home yearly or during transitional times.  

Home/Office/Land energy clearings are $200 an hour, with a minimum of two hours, plus travel time outside of the local area (30 minute radius of Heber City is local and included in the service price +$50 to SLC area). Call Annie at 435-962-2663 to schedule. Most clearings are accomplished in 2 hours.

Paying it Forward

As part of my business plan, I tithe 10% of my earnings to pay forward all the blessings I have received in this beautiful life. Part of that tithing includes being of service as a conduit of God's Light to allow Mother Nature and humanity to heal and to help souls to pass into the Light and return home. It is one of my favorite ways I act as a conduit of God's Light and Healing and as a light worker. 

I have been called on by Spirit to cleanse, clear, and heal the killing fields of Cambodia, Glacier National Park, Pompeii, Italy, Mining disasters in Old Town Park City, places of Native American massacres, land that has been desecrated, places of mass shootings, trauma, or genocide, and helping to release souls into the Light. I am thankful, honored, and humbled to provide this and all Spiritual Advising and Healing services of Divine Love.