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Updated: May 21

Helping Clients Work Smarter, Not Harder

Business is just a structured way for energy to flow, and you can align your business or vocation to work with and for your life, rather than the other way around. Business clients come looking for career advice or strategic planning guidance or affirmation regarding existing or future professional plans. They have questions regarding colleagues, bosses, upward growth and opportunities or how to transition in or out of a business or job.

Strategic Planning sessions are also available for those who wish to take their current business to the next level based on their values, priorities, gifts, passions and purpose.

How it Works

Sessions are tailored to the intentions, prayers, wants and needs of each client. All sessions are conducted from Divine Consciousness, help and wisdom, which allows creativity and new ways of thinking to flow easily. Career Psychic Medium Sessions generally appear as: 1) This is where you are. 2) This is where your spiritual blueprint and goals have you going, and 3) Here is the plan to put that into place with as much Divine Help and Grace possible.

How Annie can Help

After receiving my BA in Marketing, I built and ran businesses for 15 years in my ‘former’ corporate life. After completing a Masters in Leadership Management, I started a Spiritual Advising and Healing practice in Park City, Utah in 2007. Always a lifelong learner, I then completed 10 more psychic medium and energy medicine certifications.

The two "careers" aren't fully distinct: in fact, a blend of spiritual intuition/channeling and strategic business acumen has positioned me well to help people work smarter, not harder on their path to professional and personal success. Plus, I really love it!

Annie and your Divine Guardians would love to help. In sessions, you can ask about anything: Abundance & Manifesting, Career & Professional Advise, Life Path & Purpose, Love, Relationships, Health, Children, Spiritual Knowledge, Travel, Commune with your Loved Ones on the Other Side, or whatever makes your heart sing.

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