Dream Manifestation Excercise

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

1) Set your intention on what you would like to manifest. Is it a better life, relationship, job, home, etc.? It can be anything you would like more Grace and Ease realizing.

2) Go to your happy place - that place that brings gratitude and peace. Now imagine that happy place covered in Divine Light- or whatever you call instantaneously healing and unconditionally loving Source/God/Mother Earth, etc. Divine Spirit does not care what you call it, they just want you calling and co-creating with it.

3) Breathe in Divine Love and exhale into that protective shield/bubble anything that is not love for 21 breaths. Breathe in Divine Source and your intention on what you would like to manifest. If this seems outside your comfort zone, call on your Guardians of Light, Angels, and loved ones on the other side to help.

4) Now envision waking up 6 or 12 months from now. Perceive that you are so excited to start your day, you can not even stand it. Visualize in your mind's eye what your intention looks or feels like to be living from a. place of gratitude, joy and bliss.

5) Take a piece of paper and draw a huge circle/shield which represents that bubble of Divinity. Within that circle, write everything you imagined above. Keep writing your hopes dreams and desires of that intention in the circle. You will notice you will start writing from your head and end writing from your heart. Keep that stream of consciousness going.

6) Now draw another circle around the first - so the circles/shields look like a donut. In between the two circles, write what you DO NOT want in your intention; life, relationship, job, home, etc. Write until you can not think of anything else for either circle.

7) When you have finished, thank Divine for bringing that to you in the highest and best way. With a full heart and hope, thank Divine for opening your heart to receive your manifestation. Remember that you are worthy of receiving your hopes, dreams and desires, as a perfect child of Divine Source. Then listen and follow your intuition and the nudgings of your inner and outer Divine Source; they will lead you to your highest and best outcome of your intention with way more Grace and Ease.

8) Have Faith!

This exercise is like prayer, you can not do it wrong. I have never known this not to create miracles, so have faith and fun! Taking 10 minutes for yourself and what you would like your life to look like goes a long way. When you are dancing (calling on and manifesting) with Divine Source, outcomes will not be limited or happen in linear time. Working with Divine bypasses our human limitations and creates possibilities beyond anything we could imagine.

So have fun and DREAM BIG!!!! You are worth it!

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