Releasing the past through Writing & Sacred Fire

Updated: May 21

The shamans taught me this one and it's one of the most powerful - yet fun & easy healing tools I and Divine Spirit utilize. This is great if you are not being heard in relationships, dealing with a narcissist, want to release negative thoughts & energy, the past, heal & move on. Repeat often, especially if you are a sensitive soul or healer and prone to taking on other people’s stuff.


1) Go to your happy place; cover yourself in Divine Light. Ask your guardians of Divine to help you purge your past, negative emotions and thoughts through writing.

2) Think of a person who has hurt you, cover them in Divine Light also, and ask Archangel Michael to come between you to protect, heal and release that which is not serving your highest and best good.

3) Come back to your Bubble of unconditionally loving, instantaneously healing Divine Light, and write a letter to that person. Purge all lower energies onto the paper, then burn it. Release through writing, hurt, trauma, betrayal, etc. or anything that you would like to purge from your mind, body and soul.

4) Ask Archangel Michael to cut the chords connecting that toxicity to you. Release all negative energies, entities and vibrations of that person and the past onto the paper; then release it through the fire. Let the fire transmute the negative energy into positive. Give your prayers through the smoke to the Ancestors.

5) Let Go and Let Goddess

6) Repeat Often

After purging the negative being held, usually the writing will end from the Higher Perspective and Compassionate Wisdom. If you then want to have a physical conversation, it will be easier, you will be clearer and your subconscious has already reached their subconscious, so it paves the way and brings in your Divine Posse to help.

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