How to Protect yourself with Divine Light

Updated: Jun 23

Inner and Outer Chaos can make us feel exhausted, ungrounded, unaware, unworthy and unloved; making it more challenging to choose love over fear. Especially now, we are constantly inundated with noise, so we can't even hear our intuition. Your intuition is your inner GPS, your heart's truth, the promise God put in your heart. So how can you get out of your head and into your heart to access that superpower? By surrounding yourself in a Bubble or Prism of Divine Light, God (or whatever your word for Divine is). This protective shield of Divinity, safely allows access to your heart’s truth and outer Divine guidance and guardians. Thus, allowing yourself to cut off the chaos, cut off the noise, be present and be still.

I always start my sessions by covering everyone in Divine Light/God/Universe. That way, I’m only channeling Divine Light, Guidance, Help and Healing. It's cleaner, creates a protective shield with Archangel Michael and brings the session and clients up to the higher level.

The bubble of God/Divine Light does a million, magical things but one of my favorites is helping sensitive Souls navigate this Earth Walk with more grace, ease and love by utilizing their intuitive gifts as the superpower it should be, instead of feeling so bogged down by it.

Additionally, the Divine Bubble acts as a shield and helps protect against negative energies as well as heightening your awareness, intuition and ability to access ‘All that Is’ and your loved ones and Guardians on the other side. Within that Bubble of Divine Light only that of Divine can come into play, so you're safe.

Personally, I use the Bubble for ANYTHING! Covering yourself in Divine light is just you asking for Divine help and plugging into Divine guidance, miracles and protection. It’s great for getting out of your own way or head, sending prayers to your loved ones - here and above, bringing Divine grace, ease and blessings to ANY process, protection while traveling, sleeping, channeling, writing, working, playing, gardening, creative expressions, etc. . .

The uses of the Divine Bubble are as limitless as Divine.


  1. Imagine a bubble of unconditionally loving, instantaneously healing Light surrounding, grounding and protecting you in Divine Grace. Safely opening Divine Access to ‘All That Is’; a place of Grace, peace, balance or just Jesus Take the Wheel.

  2. Imagine yourself immersed, loved, protected and helped in that bubble (or however you imagine it) of Divine Light (or God’s Universal Light, or whatever your word for that is). Let yourself receive that Divine Grace with the inhale and purge into God’s Light anything negative with the exhale.

  3. Now within that Bubble/Prism/Waterfall of Divine, imagine roots like a tree anchoring you into the Divine Help and Healing of the Divine Feminine, the Pachamama, the Divine Mother which holds you in her womb on your Earth Walk.

  4. With the breath, connect your bubble to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

  5. Breathe in Divine Love. Exhale out Dark, into the Divine Light. Imagine any negative energies dissolving as it hits the Universal Light and being replaced by Divine Energy or Love.

  6. For healing, take seven deep breaths this way. If you know your chakras you may do this for each chakra, starting with the root. breathe in that Divine bubble into all of your body systems, into your mind, body and soul. With the exhale, release out into that Divine Light all of that which doesn't serve, purge any negative energies into that Divine Light. As you exhale, the dark hits the Divine bubble of God, dissipates and then the inhale replaces fear/worry/anxiety with unconditionally loving instantaneously healing Divine Grace.

  7. When finished, ground yourself back into Mother Earth, and zip up your energy.

  8. Repeat often

Try it. You’ll like it. For the next week or 21 days, add your Divine Bubble to ANYTHING! Divine Guardians LOVE it when we ask them to come play. Give yourself permission to work smarter, not harder, dancing with your inner and outer Divine Grace by bubbling yourself in Divine Light.

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