Many of us walk through life carrying persistent, stagnant emotional or physical pain. We bear our traumas, negative energies, self-defeating behaviors, karmic debts, hurtful cycles, and past-life hurts in our bodies and our hearts. That's what spiritual energy healings are for: we address the core of your issue by releasing negative energy that is creating imbalance, disease or dis-ease in the physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

We as humans forget that we already have everything that we need to heal. If you make the conscious choice to heal, I channel Divine Spirit and Guidance to help in co-creating that desire. Energy medicine helps take us back to the place of remembering that we have all the unconditional love and empowerment we need to realize our dreams and balance our health in mind, body and soul. 

Using Spiritual Healings to Accelerate the Therapeutic Process
Spiritual Healings using Reiki and ThetaHealing help accelerate the therapeutic process of emotional therapy and of pre-and post-operative medical procedures. There are some issues you can not "talk" away. And if something is continually off in your emotional or physical body, the core of that matter is usually based in the spiritual body.  

By reaching and healing the essence of the concern in your spiritual field, emotional and physical symptoms are alleviated. Spiritual healings are beneficial in overcoming traumas, PTSD, abuse, and emotional and physical dis-ease and disease. It also helps to transform detrimental cycles, beliefs, and behaviors which do not serve your spiritual growth's highest good; we can clear these things even even if they have manifested throughout many generations in your family.

Because spiritual healings are channeled and accomplished by your guardians of Divine Light, they are achieved with unconditional love, grace, ease, and usually a lot of fun.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?
For immediate results, one session is always perfect to address what's acutely needed in that moment. However, for deep-seated emotional issues or illnesses, I recommend three healing sessions to get to the core of the issue and fully clear problems.

Healings, like readings, cost $150 an hour.