Annie Macdonald, M.S.

Spiritual Advising & Healing Services 

 Psychic Medium Readings * Spiritual Energy Healings * Space Clearings * Medical Intuitive         Business Consultant * Reiki Master * ThetaHealer * Shaman * Teacher * Author

Everything Really does turn out All Right!


 Follow the journey of Annie Macdonald, psychic medium and spiritual healer, as she survives a near-death experience that leads to her spiritual awakening and her work as a Spiritual Advisor, Healer and Teacher.


Annie’s book reads like a session and experientially teaches readers how to connect to their inner and outer Divine Source. Told through Annie’s story, and reinforced throughout thousands of readings, these Universal Truths reiterate over and over that your greatest tragedies really can become your greatest triumphs.


If you are a sensitive soul trying to navigate these trying times, this book will help get you there with much more grace, ease, laughter and fun.

So, join the dance with Divinity and know you are powerful beyond all measure and worthy of being unconditionally loved and cherished! Annie's book helps readers re-remember their inner and outer Divine Spirit by heightening intuition, connection and trust in All That Is.